Work Experience / Skills

Construction craft workers perform a wide variety of tasks including moving materials and equipment, performing demolition, excavation and compaction activities.

They work at a wide variety of industrial plant sites, buildings, structures and premises including municipal sewer and water mains, roads, dams and bridges, tunnels, railways and pipelines.

Duties and responsibilities vary from one job to another, but in general, construction craftworkers

  • Handle and distribute construction materials (e.g. load and unload vehicles with supplies, equipment and construction materials; move tools, equipment and construction materials to and from work areas; remove rubble and other debris).
  • Excavate, backfill and compact subgrade (e.g. move and level earth using shovels and rakes; operate tampers).
  • Place, consolidate and protect cast-in-place concrete or masonry structures (e.g. shovel concrete and other materials into concrete mixers; mix, pour and spread concrete; use concrete vibrators).
  • Install municipal sewer and water mains (e.g. dig trenches using shovels and other hand tools; align pipes and perform related activities).
  • Assemble and dismantle scaffolding, ramps, catwalks, shoring and barricades at construction sites.
  • Drill and blast rock at construction sites.
  • Demolish buildings.
  • Sort, clean and pile salvaged materials from demolished buildings.
  • Operate jackhammers and drills to break up concrete or pavement.
  • Provide support for other trades, as required.