We are dedicated and passionate about supporting the economic futures of Indigenous families and communities by providing relevant and valuable training that is proven to enhance employability.

We are very flexible and can customize our curriculum to meet your specific needs and the requirements of employers hiring in your area.

Our Liuna Connection

LIUNA is building America and Canada and keeping them running. We are a progressive, aggressive, and diverse union of trained construction workers and public service employees, and we use our collective power to solve the problems that workers, employers, and policymakers can’t solve alone. We fight to create opportunities for the industries that build the U.S. and Canada’s infrastructure; to provide training, fair wages, and the protections that workers need to lift themselves and their families into the middle class; and to inform and influence policymakers to support growth. We are powerful allies with more than 100 years of history, and a clear vision for how to keep America and Canada moving forward.

LIUNA is proud to align with Canada’s Indigenous peoples, politically, socially and economically.

The ALTTF has also partnered with the Government of Canada through the Union Training and Innovation Program to access government funding which will allow us to make our programs more affordable for Indigenous communities as well as upgrade the tools and equipment our students use.

Our sole focus for this funding is to improve accessibility to training for Indigenous peoples.